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DTZ Investors is the investment advisor to the Fund.

The DTZ Investors team

Christopher Cooper

Christopher Cooper

CEO of DTZ Investors

Chris joined DTZ Investors in 1992 as an asset manager on a discretionary pension fund account. Chris worked across all aspects of our business, including establishing our European platform, based in France until 2003. He took over running the UK business in 2007 and the European business in 2013, building it to €10 billion AUM today. Chris chairs each of DTZ Investors’ Value Committee and Investment Committee that appraise all of COLIV’s assets and potential transactions.

Chris Saunders

Chris Saunders

Investment Director

Chris has acted as fund manager on six institutional Client portfolios over the past ten years with combined property assets of over £1.3bn, investing in direct and indirect investments on a discretionary and advisory basis. Chris is a Chartered Financial Analyst and previously held the role of Head of Investment Strategy at DTZ Investors.

Christian Birrel

Christian Birrell

Investment Manager

Christian has worked as a portfolio manager across three cross-sector pension fund mandates with a total asset value of £3.5bn. Christian has particular expertise in alternative real estate investments and Central London development having spent most of his career focusing on residential and hotel investment and development projects. Christian is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

James Woodhead

James Woodhead

ESG and Social Impact Advisor

James is responsible for the development and delivery of DTZ Investors’ Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) programme with a primary objective to embed proactive sustainability management practices across its business activities and enable DTZ Investors to reach their long term environmental targets.

In relation to the Fund, James has developed the ESG and Social Impact Policy for COLIV and is responsible for making sure that management, governance and reporting policies are in place to enable the Fund to deliver against its ESG and social impact KPIs.

About DTZ investors

DTZ Investors is a specialist European Real Estate Fund Manager, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group. The business was established in 1968 in the UK and expanded into Continental Europe in 1999. DTZ Investor’s team of c.116 professionals manages €12.6 bn worth of real estate (Mar 2021) in Europe and Asia. The business manages assets for a range of domestic and international investors, including pension funds and insurance companies.

DTZ Investors is a full-service offering fund manager for discretionary and advisory accounts with a range of exposures from core to opportunistic risk profiles. DTZ Investors advises clients on the full range of potential exposures to the asset class, including direct property, unlisted property funds and listed securities (REITs), with experience across both traditional real estate (retail, office, industrial) and alternative sectors (healthcare, student housing, leisure, residential). DTZ Investors has secured 15 independent performance awards from IPD in the last 17 years.