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Read on for news on COLIV along with research and articles on all aspects of co-living in London and the Fund’s strategy on quality, convenience, community and social impact.

Please do get in touch if you see something which sparks your interest. We welcome the opportunity to develop our thinking with other parties who are inspired about co-living’s potential.

Connecting Communities

It’s good to talk – some of you may remember this as the slogan from a popular BT advert which started, gulp, almost 30 years ago.

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Generation Rent

It takes the average single first-time buyer 16 years to save for their deposit in London. Small wander then that Generation Rent are looking at alternative life paths.

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Sharing is Caring

“If you can’t share nicely, I will take it away from both of you” – if you have young kids, or even grown up ones, this is probably a saying you have used repeatedly.

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New Chapter

The generation you were born to may impact your thoughts on the best cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. (covered over 400 times by the likes of Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainright, Alexandra Burke and...

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Transporting London

How was your journey into work today? Considering London workers spend an average of just over 2 hours each day moving to and from the office I hope it was ok...

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London’s Housing Crisis

To paraphrase a quote from Leonardo Di Vinci ‘small dwellings focus the mind and large ones weaken it’. As the shortage of affordable quality housing in London continues to grow...

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Delivering Convenience

Our world is becoming increasingly fast paced and with it impatient. Gone are the days of waiting a few days for a response to a [posted] letter (can you imagine?!)

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More Than Living

There is no doubting that London offers a unique and exciting environment, but when it comes to living and working in the city there are a few areas that it falls down...

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WELL Being

How are you feeling today? And what can you see around you? Does your answer to the second question have any bearing on your answer to the first?

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