About Co-Living

an exciting housing solution

The future is definitely co-living. You get a great sense of well-being and involvement in people’s lives. It’s great, I’m enjoying it. The quality of my life has improved since moving in.

– A Collective Member, Jan 2019 1

1. Source: Member Survey Old Oak Common

Co-living is an exciting housing solution, born out of dissatisfaction with the traditional rental model. It provides professionally managed, good value and flexible accommodation which meets the underserved requirements of Generation Rent. Shared spaces are designed to foster human interaction in the belief that people can be, and do more, together. By providing a base for people to live, work and socialise together, co-living initiatives are creating strong, diverse and supportive communities which are in turn helping residents to live more fulfilling lives.

With average house prices at 15x the average income, London has one of the most expensive housing markets in the world. Besides affordability issues, lifestyle choices and the desire for flexibility are encouraging people to rent. There is a huge mismatch between what renters want and what is available on the market. Only 30% of flats in London are purpose-built, and 57% of total stock pre-dates WWII.